About Us

ROV Durrant Engineering was established in early 1964 by Mr R.O.V. Durrant as a small general engineering company concerned primarily with contract works.

In 1967, a well-known local salt company, approached RovD to redesign a Salt Harvester that they had imported, and the company began developing technology in this field.

At the height of the Apartheid era, when sanctions precluded many international companies from doing business with South Africa RovD found its niche. One of the knock-on effects was the dearth of available Engineering equipment, much of which had been imported. RovD set out to address the shortage and use the situation to its advantage.

Before long, the skills pool at RovD was in a position to develop Engineering for a range of different applications. This included fuel tankers, tarring machines, as well as shoe presses, laminators and heating machines. Other industries included medical, wool presses, incinerators and burners.

1988 heralded yet another breakthrough for the company, when RovD was contracted to produce a conveying system for Volkswagen in Uitenhage. From then on, the company was closely aligned to the Automotive Industry and no longer focused on general engineering.

Through the 90s, RovD galvanised itself as the foremost local supplier of conveying systems and special purpose machines to the Salt Industry.

Today RovD’s range of products for the Automotive Industry include production line transfer systems such as rollerbeds, conveyors and transfer shuttles and elevators.

In particular, RovD has developed and improved certain standard facilities over the years in order to fulfil customer requirement. Examples include transfer shuttles, double scissors lifts, 1800 turntables, end-pivot rollerbeds, four-post hoists and heavy-duty side lift elevators.

Many joint improvement projects have been set up to improve the specifications the customer comes to expect of the machines we build.

The company services the Agricultural through the production of wool presses, screw conveyors and simple bulk handling conveyors.

RovD boasts the distinction of being one of very few manufacturers in the world to successfully design and build salt harvesters for use in the salt mining industry. The company built its first Salt Harvester in 1967, a machine with a direct take-off of 80 tons per hour (TPH).

The company has significant knowledge and experience in the field of hydraulic systems. Hydraulic capabilities include circuit design, the design and manufacture of hydraulic power-packs, design and manufacture of hydraulic cylinders and complete hydraulic systems.

RovD’s expertise is further enhanced with the design and build of electrical control panels, PLC programming and SCADA software programming offered by the Electrical department.