RovD’s interest in the Salt industry began in 1967, when the company was approached by a well-known local company, to redesign their Salt Harvester. This machine had a direct take-off of 80 tons per hour (TPH). While the company continued to do business in this arena for many years, since RovD became focused primarily on the automotive industry, Salt took something of a backseat for some time.

RovD commissioned its first Mark 6 Salt Harvester in March 1999. Over the years, the company has designed and manufactured 60, 160, 200, 350, 500 and 600 ton-per-hour (TPH) units.

Today, thanks to its capabilities to design advanced technologies, RovD manufactures modern Salt Harvester that are quite different from those it initially developed. Our customers have a choice of highly efficient turbo-charged, twin turbo and/or super-charged diesel engines to cope with high altitude and high ambient temperatures common with the salt industry.

The harvesters, as with most mobile machinery, are solely hydrostatically driven with the aid of oil coolers in high ambient temperature environments.

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) are available on certain models or are developed according to customer requirement. These controllers allow for automated start-up, shut-down and other routine procedures.

The largest unit manufactured to-date has a direct take-off in excess of 1000 TPH.

RovD predominantly produces Salt Harvesters for export. They have formed a marketing partnership with a Swiss company namely; Salt Partners, who have been in existence for in excess of 40 years. Salt Partners has endorsed RovD’s products and rated them as the best in the world. They have offered to represent them in the USA, Europe and India, all of which represent potential new markets for RovD.