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Bulk Handling equipment

The Salt Industry has presented many bulk handling challenges over the years.
RovD has, as a result, developed and manufactured a range of equipment to meet these challenges. They include:

• Double Discharge Stacking System
• Stacking systems double discharge and single (arcing) systems
• Bucket Elevators
• Screw conveyors (all types) (Stainless Steel)
• Bulk silos (Stainless Steel)
• One ton and 50 kg bagging systems (load cell weigh off) on ton bulk bags
• Logic controlled multi screw conveyor systems from storage silos to centralised bag off and packaging
• Vibrating hoppers with high angle belt conveyor feed to factory
• Belt conveyors with trippers for bags to bulk stores
• Mobile belt conveyors (Diesel engine/hydraulic) operating in tandem across soft salt pans, discharging to trailers by mobile elevator unit
• Pan flattening machine (track laying) for levelling and compacting soft pans
• Large bore pipelines for sea water intake complete with vacuum priming systems
• Installation of sea pumps and ancillary pipework
• Installation of large vibrating screens for dry salt with special suspension structures
• Steel Sea Pump and Process equipment

Today RovD product offerings are focus solely on the salt harvesters and the bulk handling conveyors to deliver the salt off take to the processing plant

Innovative Design

Not only has RovD manufactured and commissioned a variety of process equipment, but the company has also been involved in a range of innovative designs that have significantly impacted on the way Salt has been processed.

The following is a list of some of the equipment manufactured:

  • Manufacture of roller crushing equipment
  • Clarifloculator drives and plough systems
  • Raw salt screw washing machines complete with rotating/vibrating dewatering screens or centrifuges. Semi mobile with
    electric drives/Diesel driven hydraulic drive
  • Rotary sterilising kilns and specialised combustion chambers to enable diesel or paraffin to be used with products of combustion directly
    on to the salt
  • Manufacture of various types of dry and wet Iodate application and mixing system